A tribute to Marilyn – 60 years on


Sixty years ago this year Marilyn Monroe was at the height of her fame and at her most beautiful. She had formed a creative (and later business) partnership with Milton Greene who was a New York based photographer and director. Greene created many of the most iconic images of Marilyn.

In September of 1954 Marilyn was in New York for location filming for “The Seven Year Itch”. Greene invited her to his studio for what turned out to be one of her most famous photo sessions. The images they created were a happy accident. Greene had bought a ballerina-style tulle dress, but it was too small for her. Rather than give up, she held it together while she sat on a chair.

The result, known as the “ballerina series” is a fabulous set of images full of life, character and vitality. You can really see Marilyn’s personality shine through the images.

One of the images from the set was voted by Time Life magazine as one of the three most popular images of the 20th Century.

We often include images inspired by Marilyn in our vintage style makeover photo shoots. When Vicky came with her mum and sister we recreated the ballerina series for them. This is Vicky’s set which we are grateful to her for letting us share with you. We are showing it here as a tribute to Marilyn, sixty years on.