Fifty Shades of Black and White

So the Fifty Shades of Grey movie launches this week. The critics are saying the movie is better than the book. Karen’s read the book, I only managed an online synopsis which apparently makes Mr Grey seem more unpleasant than the book.

All this got me thinking about 50 shades of grey in an abstract way. I wondered if I could find fifty black and white images to make a gallery. This is the result. Some of these images are old favourites, others are brand new and haven’t been published before. All were taken in the Alter Ego Studio. We’d like to thank all our wonderful subjects for allowing us to share their images here.

If you’re inspired by any of these images and you’d like a session of your own click here to buy a voucher for a session at half our normal price. This offer runs until 21st February (but vouchers are valid until the end of the year).

Click on an image to see it bigger. Some images are not safe for work.


  1. Mo James says

    what is included in the alter ego experience please? I would love to get a voucher for my daughter but would like more info.
    Thank you.