Film Noir Experiences at Alter Ego Portraits

As big fans of Film Noir we love offering the style to couples coming to the studio for a vintage couples session.

Film Noir describes a genre of mainly crime and suspense thrillers that originated in the 1940s and 50s. Stylish,moody and beautifully photographed in low-key black and white, it’s no surprise that they’re still popular today.


Original poster for The Big Sleep.

To recreate the Film Noir feel in the Alter Ego studio we studied stills from the classic movies, like The Big Sleep, from 1946 and The Maltese Falcon from 1941. We use special lights that recreate the cinematic look from the 1940s and we photograph mostly in black and white. Period style props and costumes complete the look. Guys love playing with the prop guns!


Film noir is our most popular style of vintage photo experience for couples. Some couples love to combine it with our pin up style too!. Please visit our couples page to see examples of both styles.


Would you like to live out a classic film noir fantasy and create some timeless images of your own? Or do you know someone who would love this experience? Then here’s an amazing offer for you: buy a voucher for a couples session online here, use the discount code NOIR50 and get your session for just £49.50, half the normal price. The offer code expires at the end of September (but you can have your session any time in the next six months).

Some more film noir images for you to enjoy – click the small image to see it larger.